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Marketing, sales and customer service through chatbots!

BLiP helps you serve, engage and sell through conversations on your site and app, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Skype and other popular apps.

Expand your brand’s digital presence!

Take advantage of the message app’s benefits!

BLiP is a unified platform that allows to quickly create a contact on the most popular messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, and SMS. It is also possible to use this contact on your company’s official channels: app and site.







*available soon



Our analytics tool generates interaction data in real time. Those are valuable insights to maximize your conversations’ and campaigns’ performance.


Besides publishing the chatbot on the most popular messaging apps, your company can use it to automate conversations within the online chat channel, on your site and mobile app.


With integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), your bot can answer a number of questions and requests following the conversation context. These interactions generate a knowledge base that will be useful to improve future customer experience.


A customized message improves the experience and reinforces the relationship between company and customers. The moment the conversation starts, you will be able to gather valuable information about customers, such as: name, profile picture, and language.


Your company available 24 hours a day.

With a chatbot, your business will always be available to answer customers’ requests, on the channel they use and whenever they prefer.

Much simpler integrations.

With BLiP, it is easy to integrate chatbots with service and management platforms in use at your company. In the conversation, they can consult and use previously captured customer information and also feed the systems with new data acquired.

Multiple simultaneous services

With a chatbot it is a lot easier to escalate your services, once it can talk to many people at the same time. It speeds up the company’s service and reduces total cost per customer demand.

Accelerated development!

BLiP has several extensions for the most important needs of those who are developing a chatbot.

Create and manage teams

With BLiP it is easy to create teams with permissions to perform chatbot’s management and human service, besides specific access to metrics, messages threads, advanced configurations and other features.

Online payment

Integrated to PagSeguro® , BLiP helps you build a bot that can perform transactions within the conversation itself, via credit card.


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We are one step ahead!

We partner with exceptional technology companies that are helping BLiP to be always better!

Success cases

Check out who is already using BLiP!

Chatbot for Black Friday

Bahianinho has sent the best offers to consumers through Facebook Messenger!

First bot for car rental!

Now people can rent a car through Facebook Messenger!

Assistente virtual Santander Brasil

O sistema inteligente ajuda o cliente do banco a encontrar informações e acessar serviços pelo Facebook Messenger



On BLiP, multiple bots specialized on your business services and/or products can be created to provide real time support to your master bot, which is the one published on the messaging channels. Master Bot quickly communicates with expert bots in order to search for answers and data according to the customer’s needs.


BLiP platform integrates multiple artificial intelligence solutions in one single AI Hub. It is possible to select the one that best fits the goals and the chatbot context. We must remember that AI is useful, but it is not mandatory to provide results for the company!


Disseminate your bot and gather “friends” who then, will receive direct messages from your company. Manage your contacts base on chatbot and create communication scales in order to feed them, get them closer to your company or to guide them on the sales process.<br />


*available soon

Create conversation flows able to answer most frequent users’ requests and to offer an prompt multichannel service. For instance, include account and support management and also technical assistance options to help the customers.

Meet our plans

(Prices for 2018)

  • Essential

  • R$249month
    • Unlimited chatbots
    • 10.000 sent messages
    • R$0,02 / additional message

  • Advanced

  • R$990month
    • Unlimited chatbots
    • 100.000 sent messages
    • R$0,015 / additional message

Best price
  • Enterprise

  • $0mês
    • + de 100.000 sent messages
    • Professional services: Chatbot development, Infrastructure and Support 24×7.

Be our partner!

BLiP Partners program allows you to build a chabot for your customers using our platform. All of that with a better cost.
Talk to us and learn more.


  Online Support

Our team is always ready to answer questions and to help your developers on chatbot creation, integrations and advanced configurations. You just need to get in contact through BLiP Help on BLiP’s platform.


Development teams can access all the necessary information in order to use BLiP. They just need to reach the platform documentation, which is complete and always updated!


If you want to know the platform’s breaking news, access our blog! BLiP’s product managers, UX designers and engineers are always sharing new features and improvements there!